Pharrell – Happy – BRITISH MUSLIMS!


We’ve been quiet the last 2-3 weeks, and for good reason. Someone left a comment on the first blog saying “what are you gonna do to do things differently?” Well here it is.

Gandhi famously said “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony” and this has been the abiding principle we have followed throughout this project.

We like to smile and laugh, and we had an intention to make other people smile and laugh. You should know, when this was being devised and filmed there was nothing but smiles, laughter and joy on the faces of the people who participated. It was amazing to watch the raw footage that was sent in to us of people who never knew each other laugh and enjoy themselves having fun.

SO what is it? Well first we had an idea. We sent a number of anonymous emails. We got responses. People loved it. Some volunteered. They took cameras and went around the country and finished filming in two weeks. This is what we want to be about. A national community coming together for each others sake. Each individual giving a bit of their time for the greater good. No more fund proposals from self-interested funders or bureaucratic Islamic organisations. Let’s make things happen ourselves.

To any youngster aspiring to be someone, this proves that our community is ready to mobilise together under a simple good intention. Despite our team remaining anonymous, which was REALLY shady, they put their trust in an intention. We have scholars, activists, celebrities, students, professionals, bloggers and everyday’ers all in one video.  It is amazing how times have changed, and we really hope this project inspires others to pick up the mantle and showcase our community for the smiling wondrous people they are. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Of course a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into this, but watching the faces of those who watch it brighten up makes it all worth it.

We Brits have a bad rep for being a bit stiff, but this video proves otherwise. We are HAPPY. We are eclectic. We are cosmopolitan. Diverse. Creative. Fun. Outgoing. And everything you can think of.

This video is to show  the world despite the negative press, stereotypes and discrimination we are burdened with we should respond with smiles and joy, not anger.

Anyway we hope you like it.

We would like to thank all those who took part, especially the volunteers who worked tirelessly despite not being paid a penny and not actually meeting face to face.

We hope you enjoy it, please link it and share it, show the world we’re happy! Click below for the YouTube link!

Ma salaama

P.S JOIN OUR FACEBOOK PAGE below and inshallah get involved in future projects or simply show your love and support! 🙂 

List of participants (Rough order of appearance):

Laith, Adam Deen,  Safiah, Alia, Ghalia, Julie Siddiqui, Salma Yaqoob, Fuad Nahdi, Khalid Ahmed & Ruqaiya,  Myriam Cerrah, Hannah Habibi Hopkins,  Tanya Muneera Williams, Faisal, Izzi Hassan, Asiyah Juma, Abdul-Hakim Murad,  Rukea, Nadir Nahdi, Mizan, Yaz,  Sadiya Chaudhory, Kübra Gümüsay and Ali Gümüsay,  Fareena Alam, Rahim Jung, Waqaas Ahmed, Saleha Islam, Mo Ansar, Rabie, Edris Khamissa, HP Team, Kifah Shah, Aisha and Tahiya, Rumi’s Cave, Thawab and Basma,  Omar,  Mecca2Medinah, Marwan, Bentley Wood, Remona Aly, Majid Khan, Na’eem Raza, Shama, Zainab and Nuri,  Abdul-Rehman Malik,  Malaysian family,  Asim Siddiqi and kids,  Asiyah and Juveid, HP, Omareeto, Rizwan, Bilal Hassam, Nuri, Humera and Khalida Khan, Anwar, Nazli and Jayde, HP team.

104 thoughts on “Pharrell – Happy – BRITISH MUSLIMS!

  1. May Allah guide us all to the right path. Repent for Allah is the most forgiving. This didnt make me a Happy muslim. What would our beloved Prophet say if he saw this. Ya Allah what has happended to the Ummah.

  2. To the crew behind the ‘Honesty Policy’, what is it you want to achieve next? You clearly have the motivation, drive and tenacity to do something creative and likewise your reflection on the burning issues with Islamic Organisations reflects your articulate thinking and expressiveness to see the wider issues that you may consider plaguing the roots of our community structure.

    Youthful spirit should be adjoined with the wisdom of elders and become the change you want to see.

    Although I condemn the actions within the video, I aspire for you something more beyond this; Is it OK for me to be honest?

    I would like to have a chat with you guys beyond the borders of this comment. I have expertise in Grass root community work and a digital marketing.

    • thank you Azzam. Message us on facebook. We appreciate your comment and constructive advice. We’d love to engage in constructive conversation, not an argument.

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  4. Great video,i have watched most of the ‘HAPPY’ videos and commented on most of them it’s a shame you disabled comments but i can understand why….check out Pharrell’s 24 hour video for the song on his website….

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  6. Beautiful! I feel sure in this happy heart that our beautiful Prophet, peace be upon him, loves it too! Thank you, this is what we need! Love & Salaams

  7. in this video if u look carefully minute 1:59 there are girls in back side,two girls,they covered and they feel shame for those who dancing,and one of them closing her mouth with hands… did u ask her why????? is not it natural to have HEYYA ( modesty) she knows it is wrong,and thats why i think this only sincere part of entire video… because nobody forced her to feel what she felt in that moment… and trust me brothers and sisters Allah keep everything in His record… Nothing will be able to protect wrongness,because there is always evidence against anything wrong… i hope my emotions didn’t make u mad,since all we have to be honest…

  8. Brilliant! What will be the next happy project? Show your happiness, share the fun and smiles.
    From the mum of a Muslim convert.

  9. Assalamu ‘alaikum!

    Jazakum Allahu khayra for this video. I feel like is spells out “ummah”! I understand that some people would be opposed to the dancing, but this is the first time I see all of the Muslim community all in one place. The child, youth, young married couples, families, parents, workers, uncles, aunties, grandparents, scholars, etc. I love seeing our community together. May Allah unite the hears of these people in this world and the next!!

    PS: the Facebook link doesn’t work :/

  10. Thanks and well done for putting up such a fun and happy video. As a non-Muslim it was great to see a positive message coming from British Muslims when majority of press is so negative. Maybe any future videos you show Muslims celebrating something along with non-Muslims and show we are one .. Maybe get involved in my World Cup song video ! All the best !

  11. Amazing video. i think us south africans should make one too!

    just wanted to know the name of the girl who was painting in the video? thanks x

  12. رااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااائع

  13. Showed this to my class in USA. Students not aware of knowing anyone who is Muslim. When asked what they think Muslims are like, students said: “Muslims are happy and proud. They never stop laughing or having fun”.

  14. Hahaha.. I love the concept.. Spread the love my Muslim ummah just like this. Let the world know that we are normal people and Islam taught us to love and never to discriminate. May Allah enlighten your paths and watch over the people with noble causes.. I can’t wait to see your future posts 🙂

  15. As salaamu alaikum,

    Even though many of us saddened by the negative portrayal of Muslims in the media, especially in the West and therefore we want non-Muslims to see that Muslims are more than what they might think we are, this project wasn’t the Islamically correct way to disapprove the notion of media.

    If we want to show the reality of Muslims, we can not do so while disobeying Allah and His Messenger (SAW).

    Having Muslim woman dance around in front of the whole world is not what we want to show the world. Muslim woman are honored servants of Allah, not someone who displays herself like this in front of the world. Can anyone you imagine Aisha (RA) or Fatima (RA) doing something like this?

    How can Muslim brothers with beard and thobe be prancing around, while they carry the Sunnah of the Prophet (SAW)? This is not the modesty and haya our religion teaches us. Can you imagine Abu Bakr or Umar (RA) doing something like this?

    As for music, we all know where Islam stands with regards to it.

    Yes, we want to show we are normal people like everyone else, but we have to show that within the boundaries of Islam. Allah has honored us with this deen, we can’t seek honor anywhere else.

    May Allah grant us understanding and overlook our shortcomings.

  16. Fabulous!! As Zaynab says – ignore the negativity : extremism and ignorance, as usual, have come to the fore in both politics and religion during times of hardship and recession. Carry on the good work!

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  19. Congratulations! What a joyful video with lots of happy, nice, decent people. Thanks for making me smile.

  20. Salam

    I get the idea of where they are coming from but this is not the way to portray happiness . Muslims find happiness in prayer . Ramadan , hajj umrah , charity and following the footsteps of the prophets . None of the prophets danced around to Music and woman were covering there ora with proper dress not the way it is shown in this video and men stood firm in there prayer and looking after there families and following the sunnah . Practising Muslims do not find happiness like this .

    • islam was spread to far flung territories away from the Arabian peninsula by the sufis and spiritually akin muslims.
      They indulged in music and spread the faith far and wide… Indeed Islam would not have penetrated into the Indian subcontinent if it was notfor these individuals.
      Theses were SOME of the traits of these great pioneers who placed themselves fully in the service of promulgating the Faith.

  21. Islam has always been ahead of its time and its high time we left the fundies and islamaphobes in the dust where they belong. I absolutely loved this video, if God didn’t want us to get involved with music then Muslims would be preprogrammed to be inept to it but we make up a good portion of the music industry. We shouldn’t ignore what we have been gifted with which is a blessed religion and talent and yes, we can have it all cos we’re brilliant like that. Please put me in the next video!

  22. I think that both negative and postive comments on this delightful video highlight the divide in the community.
    THE TIME WORN ISSUE OF WOMEN is the crux of the for and against arguments for this video.
    All the women were modestly attired and conducted themselves in a correct way.
    If music brings peace, joy and is a balm to the soul , how can it be haram!
    I do draw a line at satanic rock however!!

  23. Have been umming and arring for an age heard your song and hit the local islamic centre Thursday evening saying shahadah next Thursday,once a hater now a peacemaker.keep going

  24. I don’t think it’s worth being accepted into Western society if it means throwing away our religions principles and values. I understand these our hard times with so much anti Muslim propaganda… but I just don’t see the solution in disobeying Islamic law. I am not one of those people who says “all the people in this video will go to hell” in fact Allah bless them for their attempts if their intentions are pure. I just really feel as if this is not the most appropriate Islamic step. Think about it… We Muslims are facing persecution for adhering to our Islamic values… if we make a video to be accepted into Western society that shows us disobeying Islamic values then we have done our selves no favor and have done the oppressive western governments a favor.

  25. This is disgusting. Qiyaamah must be close. It does not require a person to have much intelligence to understand how filthy this video is, and on how many levels of filth this video has reached. The ‘Ulema e Haqq should be informed of this nonsense. 

  26. It’s clear that this is just a load of crap. We who are not muslim know exactly how you think and act. Fuddy-duddy PR exercises like this cannot gloss over the hate that muslims have for kuffar and thanks to this; the resentment and distrust that all of us anti-muslims harbour against islam. Until you prove that islam is not above humanity but humanity comes before islam, there can only be war between us.

    • This comment does not discuss issues raised by the Happy video. It encourages hatred and should not have been approved for publication. I write as a non-Muslim and the opinions in this comment do not reflect the opinions of me or anyone I know.

      • The previous comment
        That was strewn with bile and invective just shows how necessary that video is for troubled souls out there…. Maybe accept even a scintilla of happinness fronm the video to brighten your day.. That is the intention!

  27. Just a word of thanks to the makers and of shared joy to see how it’s spreading around the world. And kudos to shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad. Brilliant move in the clip. So just to share with those who’d like to know more about the ideas this great scholar has to offer to the world, you can check out his conversation with Jonas Yunus (aka the Halal Monk) on authority in Islam. In fact, if read well, many aspects of that conversation indirectly give lots of answers to the criticisms that were voiced by some.

  28. How sad you people are, the whole sadaqa bit was stomach turning, do you really think that little stunt justifies the haraam you people are doing? There are 2 conditions to any deed for it to be accepted and one is ikhlass and the other is it should be according to shari’ah. Where is the ikhlass in your little youtube sadaqa stunt?! The best sadaqa is the one given quietly and in a dignified manner. You need to quit while you are behind coz this is going from bad to worse……

    Oh and don’t worry not expecting to see this remark on your site we all know how unbiased you are, in the responces you actually show…. LOOOOOOOOOL

    • So much anger and hate! People complain about being oppressed by wicked western governments. Seems to me Muslims do a great job of oppressing each other. LOL.

  29. Muslamics love a good online ruckus don’t they! Glad I’m no longer part of the “mainstream” British Muslim scene. Salafis and Traditionalists are as boring and as lost as each other. The video made me chuckle a little but it was cheesy. The 2 girls body popping was genuinely funny, should have got more people like them, people who look like they have a personality. Was surprised to see Shaykh Abdul Hakim Murad on there. Respect his work, but I thought it was undignified for him to be in it.
    Sure this video will go down well with the non-Muslim/Muslims who are into modern throwaway fad culture, it’s reassuring to them when mediocrity is reciprocated.

    The praise and the brouhaha are all meaningless. You HP guys shouldn’t take yourselves so seriously (you lost that privilege by having a URL with ‘786’ in it, so lame), you’re not going to change the world. It’s cool, do your thing, I get the impression you’re young people – have fun, make mistakes. I’m in my 30’s but I get it, this is the new pop aesthetic. The age of Generation X is over, just don’t be what B.E Ellis termed “Generation Wuss”, unable to take constructive and honest criticism. No doubt you would have expected flack from those Wahabi cuddly bear types, that dog is dying a slow death anyhow. For others who don’t have a fetish for everything Saudi but also don’t subscribe to your “Middle Way”, we’re kind of sick of people with loud voices speaking/representing for all of us. The ‘Traditionalists’ for too long have been perpetuating to themselves the myth that with their sound sanads they are the sole saviours of ahlul sunnah… a lot of us are waking up to all the BS these groups/collectives/tariqas/ulema/govt sponsored initiatives have been feeding us. We have witnessed their discourse turning people into zombies not too dissimilar to the wahabi zombies of the late 90’s.
    E.g. I came across in a popular forum someone defending this video with the statement “I know whose idea this was and I can tell you that the descendants of the Prophet (saw) love the person dearly”.
    If you can’t see the utter stupidity of the above statement then you’re a zombie too. But it is typical of the moronic-ness all shades of the Traditionalists say even when arguing with each other.

    The have this strange tendency to cloak themselves with this “I’m just a holy weak servant” humble garb but at the same time aloof to actual criticism of their works. Many things you guys (neo-sufi-traditional types) have done has been good and beneficial, but you have also made many mistakes, the ulema included. E.g Shaykh AHM doing this video.

    • Quite a profound uber statement.
      It seems that the whole spectrum of Muslim opinion has no place in your universe….but does however highlight the fragility and fissiparous nature of our society.

      • Ah but brother, the spectrum is a whole lot bigger and has always been more nuanced than this.

        Yes but you’re right this most visible “spectrum” has been invisible from my universe for many years now. And by Allah my Deen has never been so meaningful and fulfilling. Every. Day.

      • I understand you.
        The intrinsic nature of an individual manifests on a different level from the outward extrinsic .
        I know many individuals who like yourself have acheived a certain plane of meaningful deen as you eloquently put it.
        I feel that it is difficult to judge through the prism of outward appearence.
        My own thoughts!!

  30. Asalam Alaikum. Thank you to the team who put this video together, I thoroughly enjoyed it and only wish I could have been a part of it along with my little niece who is always happy Masha’Allah. It is Sunnah to smile and make others smile too. People need to stop being so negative.

    May your team continue to grow and prosper In Sha Allah.

    From a very happy viewer 🙂

  31. This video is bringing up different discussion from the muslim community. I think it is important to bring up those discussions, to have these healthy dialogues in a respectful way. There will always be disagreements. At the end of the day we all bow and kneel to Allah, that’s our commonality- if nothing else.

    I am happy.

  32. @Amer I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying, too sufisticated for me 🙂

    @Reality Muslim, hopefully it does bring up a DIFFERENT discussion, not the usual one between the hardliners and their flaccid detractors. One lacks style and the other lacks class. As long as the hardliners don’t have power or armaments they can’t do much harm, like the silly niqabi response video posted elsewhere on this blog. The harm from the other side is more insidious, leads to loss of ‘Izza, which is not easy to get back.

  33. I can’t believe some of the comments I have read here, as I did enjoy the video, and if sheikhs are on this video along with other well known Muslims, then we should see the bigger picture and not the little things on the video that has annoyed some brothers and sisters. Please look at the wider message this is conveying. I totally welcome it. I loved it. We live in a non Muslim country and things like this are important, as we have already read many positive comments from non Muslims, and even one shahadah, alhamdullillah..

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